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Notes from the Tour Manager

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Sometimes, things don’t quite go as planned. This is the number one rule of going on tour, it can be both a good thing, a bad thing, or just a thing.  For example:

Robert and I flew out of Toronto this morning on the first leg of our journey to China – a flight from Toronto to Vancouver. Where we had a tight connection to our Beijing flight- 50mins which at the airport is like the blink of an eye.  I thought that we would end up making  a run for it.  

The connection that I worried so much about – was nothing at all, because  we stepped of the plane to find out that our flight was delayed for 8 hours. So much for the rush! 

Apparently, there was an “Alternative Airport Weather Condition” in this case an explosion of some kind which prevents us from flying over the airspace.  So the lovely Air China agent gave us lunch and dinner vouchers and sent us on our way.  That was 5 hours ago, we dined on take out sushi and bento boxes in the food court browsed through magazines and enjoyed YVR’s free wireless internet. 

Just two more hours and we can finally get back on the plane headed for Beijing – then to Guangzhou.

Let’s hope it’s smooth flying from here on in!


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