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5 days to go.
I thought that I would write a bit something of all things unrelated to China. (and ya, if you know me – you are probably saying to yourself,  “which number of “things” is this that are you working on now?!”) Something that I have been meaning to mention is that Robert and I recently returned from Mannheim Germany, where we were in studio creating a new duet with the effervescent Kevin O’Day.  Yup, someone more effervescent than me! Imagine that. This work will be part of a new program of duets and solos that will premiere at DanceWorks in April 2011. We were able to tour quite a bit last year with the duets and solos from our repertoire and it inspired us to really push forward and create this new program for you which we had been thinking of for some time.  
So far this has been an exciting and yet slightly nerve wracking process for me. I am completely intrigued and fascinated by Kevin’s process. Robert leaked to me that Kevin circuitous way of creating which naturally has my interest even more peaked.  The challenge comes in the fact that, though I’ve known Kevin on and off over the years I don’t know him as well as Robert does, who has also danced for Kevin, and we as a trio have to work in short, concentrated periods of time. So far, so good though. I am looking forward to our rehearsals again in the fall.  
We also need a title for the show.  You know the usual marketing and psychological issue, gotta have a label.  In all seriousness, any thoughts for a title, anyone?  
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