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July 27th

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I am so happy to be here, my first full day at the festival.   There are so many new sights of colours, shapes, new sounds, and smells (although my sinuses aren’t having a good time – due to the humidity, which is also making my hair frizz). 

  Robert and I had the chance to rehearse; he and Laura finally made it after their crazy flight delay.  Outside the window of our studio is a papaya tree….which reminded me of Singapore where we had a few papaya trees in my family home when I was growing up.  

Later in the afternoon we went over some of the technical details of Fading Shadows/Returning Echoes.  We checked out the stage and the theatre. Things are looking good. Most importantly, I tried out several chairs to see which one would be the best fit. I never thought securing and finding a chair would be more challenging than a small boulder (rock) that we use for Stone Velvet.  There are so many factors, the size of the seat – will it fit two adults standing, the shape of the back – can I stand on it, the weight of the chair-will it go flying.  It is always a bit of an adventure, in some ways it is half the fun.

On the agenda for tomorrow, teaching an Open Source Forms workshop and a bit of work in the theatre. –Yvonne

p.s.- If my  internet connection allows, I will post some photos soon (fingers crossed!)

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