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Are you interested in bringing a tiger princess dance projects performance to you?

With select repertoire, we can create a tailored full-length programme, share parts of our repertoire in festivals, and bring pieces to other programmes. We love taking our shows and sharing our stories, creations, and love of dance with the world.

Check out our repertoire available for touring below and connect with us to learn more about bringing a tiger princess dance projects performance to you.


Miniature Solos and Music
(40 Minutes)

(20 minutes)

In Search of the Holy Chop Suey
(20 minutes)

Weave…part one
(15 minutes)

(23 minutes)

Metamorphosis of the Solitary female Phoenix
(25 minutes)

Collection #1 – # 7:
VoyAge, Headdress, InVitation, Strings Attached & 11:07

(95 minutes)


Time Travel while Standing Still
(13 minutes)

(13 minutes)

Magnetic Fields
(24 minutes)

Stone Velvet
(16 minutes)

Fading Shadows/Returning Echoes
(14 minutes)

… level on my level …
(16 minutes)

A Tale Begun
(16 minutes)


Wéi (成为) – quintet
(55 minutes)

Zhōng Xīn – trio
(35 minutes)

Cypress – trio
(35 minutes)

Frequency – quintet
(55 minutes)

Batulang – septet
(25 minutes)

To get in touch with us about our touring productions, please contact us at

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photo credits: (L to R) David Hou & Brianna Lombardo, John Lauener, David Hou

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