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Chenise Mitchell: Swallowing Clouds Apprentice

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First day nerves.

Music always comforts me and these kids had rhythm!

The rhythms of snow fall

Of snow boots and salt scattering

The rhythms of poster paper

And pens and markers and scissors

The rhythm of silence and introductions

1 2 clap 1 2 3 clap

The rhythms of breath,

Home and flying to outer space

The rhythms of reaching, crawling, jumping.

You’re a cat!

The rhythms of doo doo Dah, Dah-doo Dah-doo Dah.


Snacktime turns the rhythm of yawns to

The rhythms of poses and giggles and wiggles

The rhythms of snaps and claps

And shutter speeds

The rhythms of poems and imagination

And sliding on our knees

The rhythms of partnerships and googly eyes and flying through the sky

Of Dungeons and Dragons?!

Rhythms of friendships new and old

Of randomness and clarity, shy or  very bold

Of pressure and freedom and proud guardians

Of endings and final round of applause

The rhythm of youthful creation begins

And ends in grounded cause.


Photo by: Wise Photography


About Chenise Mitchell
Chenise is a performer with a passion for interdisciplinary arts. She is proud of her movement monologues and interactive tap-comedy routines. With a BFA from Ryerson and jazz training with DJD. Chenise continued as a freelance performer, presenting works in Calgary. She is home again and delighted to join this team.

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