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A Poem by SCAF, Wing Sheung Chan

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Our wonderful Swallowing Clouds Apprentice Facilitator (SCAF), Wing Sheung Chan, was inspired to share the following poem and photos at the completion of her work with Swallowing Clouds at Humberwood Library this summer:


Mysterious Infinite

Expanding Embracing Floating

Everything Space Rest Time

Live Breathe Fly

Brief Sharp


DSC09529  DSC09564 DSC09574

Photos from top left: arts, crafts and creative sessions with the program participants, a Swallowing Clouds alumni pin.

Wing Sheung Chan


Wing started performing Chinese folk dance when she was thirteen. Upon graduating from university in the sciences, she discovered her passion for contemporary dance and pursued her training at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Her most recent work was performed at the University of Toronto Festival of Dance 2016. Wing is also a dance teacher.

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