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A moment is a term used in physics to describe the amount of torque that is produced by a force acting at a distance.  In this work, a quiver of canes exerts a physical as well as a transcendent force that ripples through my body.

In part, this work is a celebration of the virtues of willful ignorance. In some Asian cultures, bad news such as a terminal diagnosis is kept from the patient. The belief that if they don’t think they are going to die, then perhaps they won’t. If the force of bad news from afar is never exerted, then perhaps we can continue to live long in our bliss of ignorance.

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Photos by Franck Butaye
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Concept, choreography, and performance by Yvonne Ng

Commissioned by CanAsian Dance for its KickStart Festival  

Dramaturgy: Ginelle Chagnon
Music: Pauline Oliveros, Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Nick Storring

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