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Short and Sweet Residency: A photo blog by Mairéad Filgate

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Almost four months after last being in the studio together, Yvonne, Luke and I, in Honda and Megabus respectively, headed north in ever-changing weather condition to meet in Montreal for a short and sweet residency to work on our duet for our upcoming performance. It was a chance for the lovely Danièle Desnoyers (check out her company, Les Carré des Lombes HERE to see the work as part of a mentoring exchange with Yvonne. It was also a chance to incubate the work as we move into the last stretch of rehearsals before show time, and to invite some Montreal friends, presenters and parents!

Step 1: Arrive to mega bus on time to grab burritos and first class front window seats. A little gossip, one crossword and not much studying later we arrive à Montréal.


And meanwhile back home Linnea is prepping her paper jacket and platform shoes, getting ready to go back into rehearsals for her solo. We’re almost one month away!
See you at the new Theatre Centre May 6-10, 2014!

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