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Personal Potion

Personal Potion invites you to participate in the creation of a unique poem inspired by the joys in your life. We believe that art and establishing a connection with our community is truly one of the greatest gifts and we want YOU to experience this!

The last few years have made us crave connections with our community in a creative and meaningful manner. For this project we commissioned renowned poet Erin Robinsong to create a poem leaving a few spaces for your contribution. The poems created will be displayed on our website and sent to you by mail or email alongside original artwork by visual artist Marie Lambin-Gagnon.

We encourage all age groups and backgrounds to participate in this project. Help us reach our goal of connecting with you and creating 100 poems! Tell your friends and family and let’s give each other the gift of joy and art.

– Olivia Arcangeli and Marie Lambin-Gagnon
Swallowing Clouds Artists Facilitators

Receiving your gift is really simple; complete the form below:

tiger princess dance projects, 2022.

Personal Potion is an initiative of Swallowing Clouds, an arts education programme of tiger princess dance projects. Poem by Erin Robinsong. Created by Olivia Arcangeli and Marie Lambin-Gagnon. Background art by Marie Lambin-Gagnon.

tiger princess dance projects’ mandate is to educate and increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts. We value dance/movement as an important component of communication that allows us to understand ourselves, share with each other and express ourselves as multifaceted beings. Please be respectful and mindful when offering and submitting your text.

Mission: tiger princess dance projects is a contemporary dance company. Our mission is to transform lives and communities through the arts. We value respect, inclusiveness, integrity and compassion. We work to foster safe environments for creativity to flourish.

In the curation of Personal Portion, we may not include all submissions in our webpage exhibition.

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