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Master classes provide an introduction to our repertoire. The classes begin with a warm-up, and then move into learning the dance phrases from selected repertoire. The learning focus is on the detail within the larger movement, mechanics of working in the space and performance quality.

Classes we have offered

  • Open Source Forms workshops (OSF): Focuses on cross-fertilizations and deep commonalities of releasing technique and creative process. It is guided by the philosophy that the source of creativity and wisdom is available in each of us.
  • Making Dance Maps – Mining the source™: Develop unique movement vocabulary and find the ‘dance’ in the memories and stories inside ourselves.
  • The Art of Performance – Preparation to Post-performance™: Learn from Yvonne’s repertory and her tools for creation and performance.
  • Expansive Boundaries – Choreographic Transformations™: Discover how your impulses can guide you as a dance artist.
  • The Artist as Entrepreneur™: Navigating the world of public & private funders, contracts and co-productions.

Yvonne’s professional training includes Intermediate RAD syllabus, Grade Five RAM, and contemporary dance. She is a certified Open Source Forms, C-I Training and Ashtanga Yoga teacher. Her practice includes Open Source Forms, Skinner Releasing, Butoh, meditation, Pilates, voice, and Yoga (Ashtanga and Kundalini). Yvonne is experienced working with older adults, “at risk” youth, and hearing-impaired youth. Please contact us at to schedule master classes or teaching residencies and/or workshop opportunities.

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Master Class Info

Duration: 1.5 hours to 4 hours
Class size: 6 – 20
Age group: Grade One to Adults

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