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Stone Velvet is the company’s signature, and most acclaimed, work that has toured internationally for over a decade. Tedd Robinson set this vigorous and comedic work to Bach on an almost straight one movement per note form of expression which made the process of creation grueling. Tedd wrote,

“My former training as a zen monk allowed me to drop the pretensions of what “I” thought the work should be and allow the music, what I was hearing, and imagery, what I was seeing, to guide the process of creating the work”.

The title is really the description of the texture of the visual aspects of the work … the Stone and the Velvet.

Photo Gallery

Photos by Cylla von Tiedemann

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by Tedd Robinson

Performed by and commissioned for Yvonne Ng & Robert Glumbek

Dora Mavor Moore Awards & Nominations

  • Outstanding Performance Nomination for Yvonne Ng & Robert Glumbek
  • Outstanding New Choreography Nomination for Tedd Robinson
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