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Sleeping, Tucked in the lonely Purple expresses the lived experiences of three senior citizen artists asking the question ‘Where or in what time space does identity reside?’

A Community Partner of Toronto Fringe Festival, and a Co-Production with Theatre Gargantua, as part of the Sidestream Cycle

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Photos by Marlowe Porter

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Concept and Choreography by Yvonne Ng

In creative collaboration with Performers: Susan Applewhaite, Susan Cuthbert and Harold Tausch

Composer: Nick Storring

Costume Designer: Cheryl Lalonde

Lighting Designer: Samira Banihashemi

Rehearsal Director: Charlotte Cain

Stage Manager: Laura Cournoyea

Producer Assistant: Mathilda Kane

Production Assistant: Bella Szpala (Theatre Gargantua)

Mentor to Samira Banihashemi: Michelle Ramsay

Outside Eye (Sidestream residency): Luke Garwood

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