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Cypress is a work for three dancers, which is inspired by the Chinese legend of the Three Friends – bamboo, plum trees and cypress. They do not die; they remain constant and blossom before the spring comes. These three items are often used in Chinese illustration or metaphorically in text. In creating this work, I worked with the concept of restrictions or the metaphor of restrictions to distil movements and discovering where and how this dance can move into a different realm or how it can evolve or be revolutionized. For me, Cypress represents longevity, which is at the heart of true friendship.

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Photos by Brianna Lombardo
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by Yvonne Ng

Choreographer: Yvonne Ng*
Composer: Juliet Palmer
Originally performed by Justine Chambers, Susanne Chui, and Susan Lee
Performed in 2012 by Brendan Wyatt, Louis Laberge-Côté, and Hiroshi Miyamoto
Lighting Designer: Glenn Davidson

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