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Teagan Ariss – Swallowing Clouds Assistant Facilitator πŸ’—


Teagan Ariss loves to dance. She is an emerging contemporary dance artist based in Tkaronto who values kindness and collaboration. She graduated from York University’s dance program in 2021. Teagan is thrilled to be an apprentice facilitator for Swallowing Clouds and Moving Stories to connect with folks throughout the city through the joy of movement!


Gather for a giggle glide

Dart down to the dance Disco

Brimming with brilliant brains

To help us hear happy hearts

Watch the wise waters wind and whirl

Dig down deep for deep dreams

Pour purple polka dots for the pansy potion

Via the valuable vapour vial

Eager entrances eat

Yawns that yank yesterday’s yippies

Follow friends for funny feet feelings

Cha cha chase cherished cheeks

Call a couple colourful clams

That need nifty nests now

The sunny sky sings summer songs

While we wrap wooly wasps

Who wonder why

Round rats rally really robust reactions

Round rats race for rotting rinds

Launching little limes and large lemons into loops of laughter

Special sparkle stars shine as

Mastermind moles muddle through the maze

Then this third thumb thinks

Tracings of tigers took tall truths

From fancy forgetful frogs

Anyway, alliteration always appears awesome

If you want to uncomplicate creativity, do it with children. Thank you swallowing clouds kiddos for your openness, honesty, trust, and creativity. You are infinitely inspiring.

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