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Sarah Nelson – Swallowing Clouds Assistant Facilitator 🌟

Sarah Nelson has achieved a BFA from Toronto Metropolitan University School of Performance in 2020. Outside of Ryerson Sarah has worked with Juntos Collective, dance:made in Canada festival as a dance steward and SQx Dance Company. Sarah strives to further explore her identity as an artist through creative processes.

put it all together
take it apart
reproduce, re-establish, reconstruct, repair, remake, reassemble, regenerate, remodel, rejuvenate,
rework, restore
what are you left with?
look at it as a whole
look at it as parts
look at it from different angles
from above, from below, from the sides
look through it
does it fill you or leave you empty
does it make you question, make you curious, leave you wondering
does it give you knowledge, insight and make you aware
what do you want from it?
answer that
start from the beginning until the last question is nothing more

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