Another Inspiring Festival

Another successful dance: made in canada/fait au canada has come and gone and we want to take this moment to remember. Some of the highlights included….

The beautiful Betty Oliphant Theatre enlivened inside and out. From Film Screenings on the loading dock to the photography of Brianna Lombardo in the front lobby and Anandam’s participatory performance Walking Spaces that took place in front of the theatre for festival goers and casual passersby.


Growing audiences!


Parties! Below is the opening night reception. We also had a closing party. And a party in between for donors to the festival catered by the wonderful Michael Tong | Sublime Catering. We love parties.


Mingling with artists and audience members. Below MainStage Artist Kate Hilliard between performances.

_YC10559 (1)

Artists from across the country including Louise Moyes hailing from Newfoundland; Troy Emery Twigg of Kainai; and Parts+Labour_Danse, Lina Cruz, and Andrew Tay from Montreal. Andrew performed his provocative work pictured below, You can’t buy it (But I’ll sell it to you anyways) Sucka.


And of course many artists from right here at home including Marie-France Forcier (pictured below with Lina Cruz), Kate Hilliard, and Throwdown Collective (Morrison Series); Jacob Niedwieki (Sinha Series); Susie Burpee, Alysa Pires, and Benjamin Landsberg (WYSIWYG).


Five diverse works from emerging and established artists in the WYSIWYG Program including Parts+Labour_Danse pictured below.


Arts Encounters programming that included the work of chalk artist Maria Asunma and artist Andréa de Keizer who compiled the typical and ideal daily working schedules from festival artists for her Schedule Scores project.


_YC10378 (1)

Film screenings on the Dockside were stunning and could be seen from those lucky enough to be dining across the street at the Blake House, our proud festival supporters.


Lucky winners of the Audience Choice Awards, Parts+Labour_Danse and Throwdown Collective (!) won cash prizes along with one return flight on West Jet. Time to go on tour!


And there was more. So, so much more. How could we forget our screening of Danielle Sturk’s (Winnipeg) A Good Madness: The Dance of Rachel Brown; Audience Talk Backs; our lovely dance ambassadors connecting with audience members and artists. It’s been another whirlwind of art and community and we are so grateful to all who made it happen. To our audience members, donors, artists, staff, crew, performers, supporters, friends, family, volunteers: We are so grateful for the contributions of every single one of you.

An enormous THANK YOU from our team. Let’s do it again soon shall we?!


Winners Announced – 2015 Audience Choice Awards


Artistic Director Yvonne Ng, on behalf of princess productions, co-festival directors Jeff Morris and Janelle Rainville, and guest curators Tedd Robinson and Debashis Sinha, is pleased to announce the award winners from this year’s dance: made in canada / fait au canada (d:mic/fac), the third edition of this biennial cutting-edge contemporary dance festival which had a hugely successful run August 13-16, 2015 at the Betty Oliphant Theatre in Toronto.

At the last d:mic/fac festival in 2013, Audience Choice Awards (ACA) were established for the MainStage Series and What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) Late-Night Series. Audience members had the opportunity to vote for their favourite artists in both series with prize money raised through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, divided 60/40 respectively between the winners from each series. In addition, each winner will receive a gift of a flight from WestJet to anywhere WestJet flies.

The 2015 d:mic/fac ACA MainStage Series Award goes to Toronto’s Throwdown Collective for their work Various Concert, a highly attuned trio of unsettled interdependancy. Playing with the tension of partnering, weight sharing and manipulation, a fluid and changing dynamic is found and used as the background. Throwdown Collective receives a cheque for $378.78.

The 2015 d:mic/fac ACA winner from the WYSIWYG Series is Montreal’s Parts+Labour_Danse for La chute, a dance piece that explores loss of identity and self. Part+Labour_Danse receives a cheque Among the outstanding Canadian dance creators that contributed to the three different MainStage Series were Andrew Tay (Montreal), Lina Cruz (Montreal), Kate Hilliard (Toronto), Marie France Forcier (Toronto), Throwdown Collective (Toronto), Troy Emery Twigg (Kainai Nation, Alberta) and
Jacob Niedzwiecki (Toronto).

Following the MainStage programming was a Late-Night “What You See is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) Series with Louise Moyes of docuDance from St. John’s, Parts+Labour_Danse of Montreal and Toronto-based artists Susie Burpie, Benjamin Landsberg Dance Projects and Alysa Pires. Arts Encounters, a visual art exhibit, film screenings and a participatory community dance event and other happenings rounded out the festival.

Media Refer:
Dianne Weinrib, DW Communications 416.703.5479

The People Behind Parts + Labour Dance.

Parts + Labour Dance presents La Chute as part of the WYSIWYG Series Friday, August 14, 2015 and Sunday, August 16, 2015 at the Betty Oliphant Theatre.


We live in: Montreal and Emily lives in Toronto almost half the time!

We live: together

Our favorite way to get around: for Dave it would be his specially made bicycle. Emily likes to be slow and walk from place to place. But we both have a guilty pleasure of taking cabs, we are often running late…

Favourite spot/thing to do in Toronto: definitely walking along the boardwalk in the Beaches

When people ask what I do I say: Emily: Choreographer. David: Dancer and Choreographer

My first artistic influence was: Emily – Gilles Maheu the show was called The Dead Souls his company was Carbon 14. David – I grew with an audiophile father so most of my early influences were musical. However, it was watching the music video for Daft Punk’s Around the World that made enough of an impression for me to start dancing, and later Bobo in Paradise, a Belgian show at Usine C that showed me for the first time that the theatre world was accessible to street dancers (which I was at the time).

The seed for our piece came…. from a growing interest in the Theatre of the Absurd at the time of creation, and the passing of David’s father and grandfather within the same year.

Before I perform I: Emily – honestly I have a cigarette, don’t tell my mom. David – coffee until 45 minutes to show, then water/Gatorade.

To relax I: Emily – long bubble bath. David – Headphones on, working on music.

When I’m not dancing/choreographing: Emily – Planting in my home and having dinner parties – David – Scheduling

If I wasn’t an artist I would be: Emily – I would probably be a ICU nurse, David – having a rough time dealing with my career choices.

Few people know: Emily – I LOVE doritos cool ranch chips! David – I fenced for many years and competed provincially.




The Wonderful Susie Burpee

Susie Burpee presents Spirit and Veneer in dance: made in canada/fait au canada’s WYSIWYG. You don’t want to miss her: Friday, August 14th at 11 p.m. and Sunday, August 16th at 2 p.m. 
hanging barn
Photo: Anna Wood
I live in….  east end Toronto.
I live with….my loving husband and two tiny freaking cute and very dramatic daughters.
My favorite way to get around….at a pace where i can still stop and smell the flowers.
Favourite spot/thing to do in Toronto…..right now: Rouge National Park – one of Canada’s few urban national parks.  it’s cool!  go!
When people ask what I do I say….i’m a lady of leisure.  just kidding!  how boring
My first artistic influence was…my mum – she’s happiest when she’s making stuff.  apple doesn’t fall far…
The seed for my piece came….from a costume.
Before I perform I….try and pull back and take the long view and remember why i’m doing this.
To relax I…drink craft beer and do crappy crafts.
When I’m not dancing/choreographing…..i think about it and play with my kids
If I wasn’t an artist I would be….someone else, a mail carrier i think except that won’t be possible soon.
Few people know…..I am a wicked wilderness camper.  i can make a fire in downpour and i wear skirts in the bush.

Benjamin Landsberg Dance Projects

Benjamin Landsberg Dance Projects presents One-to-One this week in the What you see is what you get Series at dance: made in canada/fait au canada. Don’t miss it: August 14th at 11:00 p.m. and August 16th at 2:00 p.m


I live in Toronto.

I live with my boyfriend and my best friend.

My favorite way to get around is to be driven by somebody else.

Favourite spot/thing to do in Toronto…..drink and smoke on my balcony, and watch the intersection.

When people ask what I do I say….I dance and choreograph.

My first artistic influence was….Madonna.

The seed for my piece came….When I dressed up as Beyonce for Halloween and got really scared of the unknown side of myself that emerged, and scared of how the world saw me.

Before I perform I….meditate, and maybe even take a shot.

To relax I…get the hell out of this city, into nature.

When I’m not dancing/choreographing…..I’m scrambling to find my next career.

If I wasn’t an artist I would be….a spy.

Few people know….I served in the British military as a historic re-enactor, and musician.

Alysa Pires!

Alysa Pires presents i am vertical, inspired by the life and work of Sylvia Plath, next week in the What you see is what you get Series at dance: made in canada/fait au canada. Don’t miss her: August 14th at 11:00 p.m. and August 16th at 2:00 p.m.

Photo: Eric Chudnoff

Photo: Eric Chudnoff

 I live in…. Toronto. Lansdowne and Bloor but I sometimes lie and say Roncesvalles.

I live with…. my fiancé, Adam! We got engaged the day before our 9th anniversary. He’s been my boyfriend for so long that calling him fiancé feels strange so we’ve settled on Biancé.

My favorite way to get around…. I recently started biking and I love it. Definitely has its scary moments but it is so much faster/cheaper/easier/better for the environment.

Favourite spot/thing to do in Toronto….. I love going for walks in High Park. Adam and I go for walks as often as we can. It’s actually where he proposed!

When people ask what I do I say…. I am an independent choreographer. Depending on how much they know/are interested I elaborate from there.

My first artistic influence was…. Gene Kelly. I think I wore out my VHS tapes of Singin’ in the Rain and An American in Paris. He was also my first crush!

The seed for my piece came…. from a task at a choreographic lab in the UK. We were given the life and work of poet Sylvia Plath as inspiration and 4.5 hours of rehearsal to make something. I had never heard of Plath and was immediately struck by the stark contrast between her 50s housewife appearance and the darkness and depth of her writing.

Before I perform I…. brush my teeth.

To relax I… read. Vonnegut, Tolkien, and Douglas Coupland are some of my favourites. Watch movies especially ones by Wes Anderson and Christopher Guest. Or watch old reward and immunity challenges from the TV show Survivor on youtube. Bizarre I know, but I’m obsessed.

When I’m not dancing/choreographing….. I’m thinking about/working on getting back in the studio. Or walking in High Park. Or reading/watching the aforementioned books/movies/TV shows. Or back home on Vancouver Island soaking in the nature and family time!

If I wasn’t an artist I would be…. unstable. It’s an impossible question for me. There are a lot of things that I am interested in but none outside the arts that I could commit to as a career.

Few people know….. how to pronounce my name. It’s Ah-lee-sa Pie-ers.



The Lovely Andréa de Keijzer

Andréa de Keijzer has an exciting new project as part of the Arts Encounters Programming at dance: made in canada/fait au canada. Don’t miss it in the lobby of the Betty Oliphant Theatre August 13-16!


I live in…. Montreal, mostly, but not in the winter.

I live with…. the world’s most handsome quebecois cat, Monsieur Lapin.

My favorite way to get around…. bicycle, downhill, all the time.

Favourite spot/thing to do in Toronto…. body blitz, go to Fonda Lola, see the beautiful souls that inhabit that city.

When people ask what I do I say… mostly emails with some dancing in between OR i make things, performance things, book things, visual things, experiential things.

My first artistic influence was… probably my entire family (grandma: folk dance lover, aunt: ballet teacher, father: lover of aesthetics and photography, mother: lover of singing, sister: visual artists, uncle: painter)

The seed for my piece came… from my current question of how do we manage to do what we need to do as mostly self-employed artists.

Before I perform I… take a nap.

To relax I… take a nap.

When I’m not dancing/choreographing…. I am doing pottery or swimming or cooking or gardening or napping.

If I wasn’t an artist I would be… a midwife

Few people know…. the mayor of Vancouver, a person named Dick Fokker, the guys from Nortec, the famous Jacob (Wren), Robert Kingsbury.


Photos: Yuula Benivolski

The QLab Workshop with Debashis Sinha

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 3.41.53 PM

Learn about QLab, the show control software that can create rich multimedia designs for live performances and installations from Debashis Sinha, our 2015 curator, sound designer and composer. QLab allows you to design and operate amazing multimedia performances from your Mac OS X computer. A single QLab workspace can control audio, video, MIDI, OSC, and more.

Debashis Sinha is a composer, musician and sound designer who has had a long history with contemporary dance, creating music for and performing with Peggy Baker, Hari Krishnan, Peter Chin, Julia Aplin, Dancemakers and many others.

Saturday August 15, 10:30 am
Betty Oliphant Theatre, 404 Jarvis Street, Toronto, ON
Fee: $10.00
To register, please email Sam at

Learn about Debashis thoughts on sound design for theatre HERE.

All the way from Newfoundland…

Louise Moyes docuDance will present her dance theatre piece Mavis Gallant Stories as part of the What you see is what you get Series on Friday, August 14th at 11:00 p.m. and Sunday, August 16th at 2:00 p.m.


Photo: The pic is of (part of) our amazing new dance community in St. John’s.  I’m the one seated to the right and wearing glasses and black sweater. We had a get together in June to catch up and welcome Caroline Niklas-Gordon (seated far left, with dark hair and girl on lap) home for a visit.

I live in….St. John’s Newfoundland

I live with….Mark (partner) Gabe (son), Lyra (Ridgeback), Franco (Dobe), Geoffrey (cat)

My favorite way to get around….Walk

Favourite spot/thing to do in Toronto…..The Boulevard Café, Harbord St. I used to work there and the people are awesome! Food too.

When people ask what I do I say….A mix of dance, theatre, storytelling and film. Like a live documentary, I call it docu-dance.

My first artistic influence was….My Dad, John Moyes, actor and director and ballroom dancer

The seed for my piece came….Walking in hills in France and getting lost both literally and in thoughts of my love for the stories of Mavis Gallant

Before I perform I….Stretch, vocalize, pee a lot. Take rescue remedy sometimes, sometimes a sip of whisky.

To relax I…Sing

When I’m not dancing/choreographing…..I’m with my family or writing something.

If I wasn’t an artist I would be….A social geographer

Few people know…When you live in St. John’s, there are few secrets. Mavis Gallant’s characters on the other hand have lots of them.


Meet Brianna Lombardo

Brianna Lombardo’s work is part of the Arts Encounters Programming. Her photographs will be on display throughout the festival in the lobby of the Betty Oliphant Theatre August 13-16.


More on Brianna:

I live in…. a gorgeous old 71/2 in petite patrie Montreal.

I live with…. my boyfriend and co pilot Christian Bélanger, my vinyls, my walls covered in art, posters and random garage sale finds.

My favorite way to get around… bike or my feet.

Favourite spot/thing to do in Toronto….. a pizza at Terroni is always a must.

When people ask what I do I say…. usually say contemporary dancer, which is followed by professionally? Yes.

My first artistic influence was…. hard to say what the very first one was but a strong one was Serge Bennethan’s work and the strong kick ass women at Dancemakers.

The seed for my piece came…. the idea of how to present the photos became apparent when looking at what Andrew and I had done together. The portraits were strong and demanded a certain grandeur. I wanted to exaggerate the size to highlight the progression and the change of state of his eyes throughout the shots. I find it very revealing.

Before I perform I…. depends on the show, for the last tour of Usually Beauty Fails with Frédérick Gravel and company it was a shot of Zubrowska.

To relax I… do yoga, read, bike, nap, walk, sit.

When I’m not dancing/choreographing….. taking pictures and/or drinking coffee.

If I wasn’t an artist I would be…. working with people in the social spectre somehow.

Few people know….. this is hard, I feel like a pretty open book. My first time onstage was playing the lion in the wizard of oz. I lost my voice from roaring to loud and had to lip synch the part as someone backstage made the sounds.