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Work-in-progress studio showing of Wéi

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It has been an exciting creative journey that began with these two questions:
What makes us who we are?
When do we become us?

Since then, the piece has emerged to become Wéi. 成为 chéng wéi which means “to become” in Mandarin and the production took form through an inspiring journey at the Banff Centre creative residency for research and development with Yvonne and collaborating artists Mairéad Filgate, Kaitlin Standeven, Johanna Bergfelt, Luke Garwood, and Irvin Chow, and composer Nick Storring.

In July, earlier this year, we presented an excerpt of Wéi in an intimate work-in-progress studio showing at the Dovercourt House with friends, artistic peers and colleagues. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us. We are now in the midst of gathering all the feedback and questions and can’t wait to let you know what’s to come!


Photo by Laura Cournoyea

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