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Top 5 things we love about touring!

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I thought that I would take a light hearted approach to today’s blog entry and share with you tpdp’s top 5 things we love about touring. 

My top 5 things I love about touring are:

1. Dancing from our repertoire and  especially dancing with Robert…
2. Meeting other artists from different countries and making new friends
3. Absorbing as much of the new culture as possible – eating, listening, seeing, appreciating….
4. Getting to watch more dance 
5. Meeting new audiences

Robert  loves touring with us for the:

1. Flying   

2. Having unique places to stay
3. Eating good food 
4. Spending free time with Yvonne
5. Shopping 
Laura, our tour manager says:
1. Putting names to faces! I love meeting the people I have been e-mailing and phoning leading up to the tour.
2. Seeing the an audience experience  for the first time the magic that Yvonne and Robert create with the duets. 
3. Having everything planned for the tour and accepting that things won’t always go as planned. It’s part of the adventure. 
4. Planning the details of the tour – hotels, transportation, to and from the theatre, things for us to see and do in those rare free moments.  
5. Hanging out with the tpdp gang. Late night meetings – check! Great meals and great conversation – check! General touring nuttiness – check!
The excitement builds!
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