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Show Week!

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Show week has arrived and the air is bristling with excitement. I always think it’s such a crazy phenomenon – how there is so much to get done before a show but somehow, SOMEHOW, no matter how many tasks and challenges, everything has a way of falling into place at the exact moment that it needs to. Which is usually the very last moment! There are a lot of elements to work in this week before opening night but so far so smooth!

This afternoon we met Erin who has tirelessly worked to create our beautiful music and soundscape in record time. She is as lovely as her music. Her partner too! Today we worked through sounds levels and with our new environment of luminous sculptures.

On Friday Meredith and I stayed for a sneak peak of Yvonne’s new solo. It is touching and dark and funny. Lovely.

And here I am on the eve of our dress rehearsal, the clock about to strike midnight and time for rest. Tomorrow is a big day for all of us; the final constructing, polishing, preparation. And then the bringing of the final work to the audience. The beautiful, magical place where time suspends and we find ourselves together in a unique experience in time and space that will never be recreated again in quite the same way. It’s a special thing.

Check out some of the press that’s come in for the show:

National Post’s Five Things to do This Week!

OmniNews in Mandarin! Go to 10:35 to see our bit!

See you at the show to celebrate not only this beautiful new work but also the opening of the Citadel!


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