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It has been about a week since I returned from  Pennsylvania, USA  having completed my Open Source Forms© teaching certification. It has been an intense and highly rewarding two years of study.  Stephanie Skura, a leading and innovative dance artist of our time has, after years of research and practice in improvisation, performance and movement founded Open Source Forms. This work is also very inspired by Skinner Releasing, where Stephanie was a founding member. I am completely inspired by Stephanie, her commitment to the work, and it’s development, the further investigation and the evolution of the work, to us, and her wisdom beyond the work, the classroom.  
As with any period of artistic and personal growth, there were moments in my training of absolute nervousness, shadowed by fear, moments where I really doubted my ability to comprehend all aspects, let alone be able to facilitate any of the work in classes. Open Source Forms has great potency and it’s ability to tapping into one’s creativity and self discovery is profound.  For me, it has always been a deep influence in my creative process and construction of choreography. I can’t wait to share the work with others.   


Immediately after I graduated, I had the opportunity to facilitate my first class at the Puppetmongers’ Summer Intensive.  This was wonderfully exciting as we also included literally working with the puppets.  I will also have the opportunity to share this again (minus puppets)  at the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival in July with the visiting artists. I am looking forward to more opportunities to facilitate more classes and workshops at home and abroad throughout the year. (OSF Teacher for hire!! )
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