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Olivia Arcangeli: Swallowing Clouds

Swallowing Clouds

Assistant Facilitator Olivia Arcangeli shares thoughts and sentiments on her experience working on our Swallowing Clouds program.


Bright new smiles shine a light
The wonderous beings come into focus of play

An introduction
Naming of all things on tags

Winding up the rhythm with the dimensions of the space

To puncture the knowing
To replace with a beaming bloom
Interlacing together our discoveries
Revving for more
Coming back together

On and on we go to a never-ending story

An ending of the beginning to the middle of the ending of the middle in the middle

A breath
A glow

A resonating memory in real time

It is always such a joy when a new Swallowing Clouds session has begun. Some of the most
exciting parts are that we have no idea what is going to happen, who we are going to meet, or
what we are going to create together. Since what we create in Swallowing Clouds depends on
the group we have, every single session is as unique as the children are. In addition to this, one
of my many goals is to provide a safe space for everyone. I believe once a safe space has been
created, it allows for one’s creativity to ascend to its fullest potential; once this is established
and we are all creating together, we develop this beautiful sense of community and
togetherness. I feel extremely lucky to be facilitating a space that fosters so much growth in
such a short time. At the end of the sessions, when we get to share what we’ve been working
on, the group is in a place where everyone is making creative decisions based their past
influences, their imagination, and everyone else around them. It is amazing to be able to
observe and experience a culmination of young minds binding together to bring more art into
this world.


Learn more about Swallowing Clouds HERE. 

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Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann
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