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July 31: Notes from the Tour Manager

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Well Robert and I made our journey back home today and it seems as though the theme of  nutty airport experiences has continued. We have a short turn-around in Beijing for our flight to Vancouver – only to find out that the plane is delayed, though no one has posted it on the outgoing information, and no one is willing to tell us when we may depart.  Robert and I went to the nearest cafe – over a beer we strategize how many later flights there are from Vancouver  to Toronto and how quickly we may be able to get back home . Thankfully our delay wasn’t all that long and we crossed our fingers that this meant we would not have to take a later flight. Ha! What it did end up meaning was that we had to sprint through the Vancouver airport with very little time to connect to our Toronto flight. The Robert/Laura  duo in our own version  of the Amazing Race – the dance tour edition. We ran – like the wind – customs agents were impressed by our travels- luggage was hauled – security passed through-boarding passes printed and then we sprinted to our gate. The happy ending was that we made it with a few moments left to be pleased with ourselves (I think this is the prize for the dance tour edition of Amazing Race).  Our travel back home to Toronto was without incident.  We headed off, back to our homes tired, happy and with many great touring stories to tell. 

 I wonder what the next tour will have in store?

 The airport sprint in Beijing - only to find out our flight was delayed
The airport sprint in Beijing - only to find out our flight was delayed
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