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Happy Valley Goose Bay

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*Ding*Ding*Ding* The Happiest-Town-Name Award goes to….Happy Valley Goose Bay!! Happy Valley Goose Bay…now say it slow…Happy Valley Goose Bay…now fast…Happy Valley Goose Bay – sheesh, it just never gets old.

Just a few weeks ago in late October, Happy Valley Goose Bay in Newfoundland Labrador joyfully hosted Yvonne Ng at the O’Brien Arts Centre for an outreach creation project. Yvonne worked with local dance students for a week, concluding with a series of performances.

Friends, here is a recap of Yvonne’s joyous Happy Valley Goose Bay experience…

Above we have Mairéad Filgate, Kathleen Anne Hicks (O’Brien Arts Centre Manager), Luke Garwood, and a production crew member grabbing a bite to eat. And let’s be clear, they know how to eat in style. The wall behind them features the stunning copper work created by the youth of Happy Valley with the help of a metal working artist.


From Singapore to Happy Valley Goose Bay, Yvonne always returns to Toronto with amazing stories to tell. Thank you to the O’Brien Arts Centre for making this last trip such a pleasure.

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