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Dora Mavor Moore Award Nominations

photo: Cylla von Tiedemann

We are thrilled that tiger princess dance projects’, ‘In Search of the Holy Chop Suey,’ presented by DanceWorks Next Steps 2016/17 Season, has been nominated for four Dora Awards!

“Outstanding Production” ‘In Search of the Holy Chop Suey’
“Outstanding Original Choreography” Yvonng Ng for ‘In Search of the Holy Chop Suey’
“Outstanding Performance – Female” Yvonne Ng
“Outstanding Lighting Design” – Arun Srinivasan

This production wouldn’t have been possible without the creative support of: DanceWorks, Silvie Varone, Marie-Josée Chartier, Johanna Bergfelt and Arun Srinivasan.
Congratulations to our friends/fellow nominees!

Concept and created by Yvonne Ng* in collaboration with:

Set Designer: Silvie Varone
Costumes: Silvie Varone and Yvonne Ng
Lighting Designer: Arun Srinivasan
Creative Facilitators: Marie-Josée Chartier* and Dan Wild
Rehearsal Director: Johanna Bergfeldt
Allison Easson:  Sewer
Haley Varone-Evans: Junior Builder
David Hoekstra: Supplier of many things and Sounding Board

Click HERE to see a full list of the nominees.

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