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Dancing On The Edge

photo: Cylla von Tiedemann of Irvin Chow, Mairéad Filgate and Luke Garwood
tiger princess dance projects has been invited to perform at Dancing On The Edge Festival of Contemporary Dance in Vancouver, July 7th-9th! As a part of the Edge 1 and Edge 2 mixed program, we will be performing an excerpt of Zhōng Xīn, and Yvonne will be performing her solo, Weave…part one.


We are super thrilled to share the stage with incredible and talented artists. Seeing old friends and hopefully meeting new ones!! Extremely grateful to share our works and to be going to Dancing On The Edge.


Yvonne will also be joining choreographers Natasha Bakht, Olivia c. Davies, and others, to chat about the connections that contemporary dance in Canada is making with more formal traditional dance forms.


#DancingOnTheEdge #DOTE17


Check out the full dance schedule HERE.
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