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Cradlesong Story

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Welcome to our Cradlesong story!

Yvonne, Meredith, Amy, Brendan and I are happily together again in the studio in process for Cradlesong. We are continuing our explorations into music, memory, and identity through a myriad of approaches including dance, singing, text and discussion. Having begun this journey together in December 2008, we have been meeting periodically since then and will continue to do so throughout the coming year.

Partly prompted by the long intervals between rehearsal periods we have decided to create a blog of our experiences in Cradlesong. We hope to make this together, taking turns to record our experiences, questions and impressions. It is another way that we can connect in the times both while rehearsing and in the in between.

Much of our research centres around identity and the question of how to create a group identity together – our unique subculture with its own history and artifacts: painting, songs, writings, etc. By leaving trails of our time together recorded and shared through social media we will cement a common history and also touch upon some of the issues around this incredible phenomenon of our time.

Blogging brings up many questions for us: issues of connection – face-to-face vs. the virtual world; privacy – our comfort level with exposing our thoughts and feelings to each other and sending them off into cyberspace; and identity – what identifies us

Meredith and Brendan

as individuals, a group, a generation.

There are no shortage of questions. Through our explorations, though we may not find answers, we hope to deepen our understanding or at least create a common bond through the searching. Here we go….

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