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And it comes to a close.

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The cast of Frequency. Photo: David Hou

Ah, the eve after the show. Always bitter sweet. There’s a dull ache in my body (so much chugging and jumping!), in my head (sickness filtered it’s way through nearly all of us), and in my heart. There are sighs of relief that we did it and that the intensity is over (we’re all in need of a much deserved rest), but also some sadness. Having begun this journey at the end of 2008 we have become accustomed to meeting every few months, and the end of a project always brings a sense of finality and the unknown. Though it is a small community and we run into each other often, we never know when the next time we will work together will be. Or if it will be.

The last two weeks were a whirlwind of work and creative energy; finally all the people and parts of the puzzle coming together to make the final vision into reality. None of us really knew until it unfolded what that final picture would look like, but the incredible dedication, hard work and creativity of the cast, crew and design team was amazing and made it all come together. Right down to Michael Tong’s beautiful brown boxes of hors d’oeuvres at the opening night reception, with glowing cotton candy-like mouthfuls that mirrored the glowing orbs in Frequency.

Yvonne in Weave…part one. Photo: David Hou

The pieces continued to unfold, develop, change and shift in exciting and unexpected ways, right until the very last performance. Phantom cell phones played music in unexpected but lovely places, the disco ball got so excited it flew into the audience, and pendants often did more than was choreographed for them!

One thing is certain: it has been an incredible, challenging and beautiful journey. Thank you to our audience members for coming and sharing in this experience; for your support and feedback; and for all involved in making this project happen. We are ever grateful.

Until we meet in the theatre again,

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